Analyse yourself

The representation we have of ourselves is largely influenced by culture, and ignores the transcendent dimension, the largest part of the psyche and of reality in general. We do not know much about ourselves, because the forces that inhabit us lurk for the largest share in our unconscious. We do not know better our true potential and only use few of the gifts we received at birth.

Claim to analyze yourself is to do as the blind owner who leaves explore its own domain without knowing neither the reliefs nor boundaries. We lack the faculty of vision that allows us to see clearly in ourselves beyond the puppets education and social mimicry make out of us: extrasensory perception.

Evolutionary Ecopsychology offers essential tools to get to know in depth, to understand others, to overcome conflicts that may limit our performance and our capacity for happiness. First, a “topographic map” of the human psyche, much more complete and accurate as the models used by the various schools of psychology or psychoanalysis.

The knowledge these schools refer to, is flawed for several reasons: they mask most of the transcendent dimension; they ignore what should be a naturally blossomed extrasensory perception; they have no idea of the fundamental relationship between the love life and the development of these faculties. All they can say about the mind, the heart, sex is essentially amputated.

In these conditions, it is often impossible to decipher the real causes of existential frustration. However, most suffering, conflict, trauma we incur are directly related to these deficiencies. It is therefore vain to hope that existing methods can bring us real solutions to our problems.

Evolutionary Ecopsychology overcomes these deficiencies reductionist. It is built on the basis of traditional knowledge revised to take into account the transcendent dimension of human nature. The notions of cognition, consciousness, unconscious, Me, superego, that, Eros, frustration, trauma, etc. are rebuilt fresh. But it still has another major advantage: the possibility of systematic use of clairvoyance or divination to guide us on the path of self-exploration and recovery.

It is as if the blind owner found the view. He won’t lose any more time and energy on unnecessary circumvolutions, he won’t stumble over the first obstacle to come, he will understand the purpose of the journey he must accomplish. He will be able to escape the prison of the reductionist illusion, and put one foot before the other, knowing where he’s heading to, to gaze in wonder at the sky and landscapes he discovered on his own land…