Human relations

Very few areas are more complex than human relationships. Conscious and unconscious problems of one partner, to which add and join the other’s issues.

When a situation stretches, deteriorates, get adversary, it is often difficult to find appropriate solutions for the two protagonists and restore a real harmony. The psychological approach is often superficial, limited to motions conscious, unable to resolve the situation in depth. The psychoanalytic approach, if it has the advantage of involving the unconscious in the search for causes, is extremely time consuming, expensive and rarely results in a success.

Remains a more “philosophical” path: to step back, accept the difference, put themselves in the place of the other, let go in order to ease the situation, establish a constructive relationship leading to joint actions; but the renunciation made by one partner may be exploited by the other, which becomes intolerable for those who made on himself efforts he sees used against him.

Evolutionary Ecopsychology is able to overcome these difficulties by adding to the psychological and philosophical work a transcendent guidance: divination drawings or circumstantial visions will take into account all the elements beyond rational analysis, without excluding it. Rather, the combination of the two approaches makes possible to blow the intellectual and emotional barriers that block the protagonists in their positions.

There are then often surprising solutions, which no one would have thought, yet may be able to resolve problems thoroughly and restore fruitful relations.