reconsider your existence

He who learns that his father was king and he will be the heir suddenly sees his life from a completely different angle. He will discover new attitudes, take a step back from his complexes, will play a different role in society. It may undertake and realize many projects that were hitherto just utopias.

To discover the existence of a transcendent dimension, and know that you can access it, has much more implications than a matter of blood and fortune. This is the very sense of life that changes, a new understanding of the vagaries of life, uneasiness, inhibitions, sufferings. The presence of a permanent guide who sees beyond what’s visible to bare eyes, an assurance of happiness and even life after death, since there is something other than matter.

In communication with others, too, everything is different: we can suddenly understand why some friends let us loose; why we did not see coming danger or taken advantage of a situation; why love has been facing all kinds of problems; the functioning of sexuality takes on another meaning and is filled with magic, becoming an incomparable source of energy, not anymore the disappointments, guiltiness and suffering haunted pit it is too often. Negative emotions such as jealousy, fear, anguish, pride and other avatars of the ego are slowly emptied of their contents; everyday worries lose their salience, giving way to a sense of inexhaustible joy and universal love.

For Evolutionary Ecopsychology, that state is not an exception reserved for a few more or less enlightened sages, like the Holy Grail rewarding an extraordinary quest, or a certificate of holiness from the Pope. It is simply the natural psychic functioning. Harmonious functioning, perceived as normal and beneficial, including its metapsychic aspects, is indeed useful to the individual and the species, in accordance with the laws of evolution. And experience shows it is possible here and now…