optimizing all your potentialities

We all possess many gifts without having a clue. There remains to bring out this potential and make it bloom.

Two major obstacles stand in their way: our psychic conflicts and inhibitions; blockades of our psychic abilities: intuition, creative inspiration, significant dreams, clairvoyance.

We all inherit from our childhood many internal tensions, for the most part unconscious. So we have no access to the conscious. We must then do a great job of self-analysis, if we follow the path traced by Freud, trying to untie the knots that strangle our creativity and inhibit our impulses.

Seeing these nodes is not easy. They are the sources of pain that tend to revive if it moves so little these ancient primers. The most resistant crystallization date of the earliest periods of life. It is very difficult in our adult position, to feel what could traumatize the baby or young child we were during those key moments.

This is where Evolutionary Ecospychology helps out with a major contribution: psychic abilities can immediately indicate past situations, including those we do not remember clearly enough to understand the role and effects. Thus, the analytical work is completed by a real radiography of sedimentary layers where the roots of our suffering and present inhibitions fossilized.

Add to this well-known fact, that talents bloom fully only when at the service of a cause deeply assumed. But chances of life often put us in unchosen situations. Parental or social pressures, wage requirements, recruitment hazards, untimely performances, careerism, false promises of fortune, lead us to commit ourselves to activities in fact, alien to our inner being. We feel then cantilever between what society expects of us or makes us falsely expect on one hand, and on the other hand what we are truly gifted for.

On an even more subtle level, we feel unhappy or unmotivated because of the discrepancy between what we should do to be in line with our spiritual evolution, and arbitrary choices we’ve made or others made on our behalf. Psychic abilities are therefore essential to find the thread of our destiny, with happiness and efficiency signing harmony between the transcendent and existential.