New basis of reasoning

The analytical work that is usually done in the context of psychology or psychoanalysis to trace the causes of the disorder, or to decide a treatment, lies on the reductionist models that were based on those disciplines. The various arguments used to identify pathogenic factors and decipher the mechanisms involved are dependent on these models and their limitations. All factors even slightly related to the extrasensory dimension of the psyche remain hidden, so only partial explanations are possible, often amputated of the most essential.

From the moment we know that there is a vital connection between love and psychic abilities, and that we have sufficient facts to demonstrate the real existence of a transcendent dimension, the reasoning can rely on a truly representative model of natural psychosexual structures specific to human nature. It is therefore possible when making a much more comprehensive inventory of the causes of disorders.

Example: depression is generally attributed to a vulnerability, family events, a deficiency of certain neurotransmitters, etc. These factors can certainly play a role, but experience shows that in the vast majority of cases, depression can be swept away in an instant in a relationship lived in accordance with natural laws. The vacuum sensation felt in the chest gave way to a plenitude thanks to which everything can be seen in a bright new light. At the same time often appear extrasensory perception (especially vision). The explanation must be that depression is due to deficiencies or errors related to the way of loving or making love, the feeling of emptiness measuring lack of psychic energy. A therapy shouldn’t therefore consist in taking of chemical drugs, nor in time-consuming family role play, but in rediscovering the natural laws of relationship.

Whether frustrations, sufferings, inhibitions, impotence and other physiological, psychological disorders, it is much easier to decipher the causes if we reason on the basis of an appropriate model. This decryption work can be done in relation to the need for spiritual evolution, knowing the significance of psychological elements relates mostly to the deepest aspirations of the human nature. The pathogenic power of frustration is explained by example in terms of its challenge in terms of spiritual evolution.

In this rational aspect is added, extrasensory messages’ unparalleled deciphering power. Their symbolic or more immediate content, according to the case guide the reasoning to uncover the root causes of problems, let us decrypt the factors and mechanisms involved in their genesis, often dating back to early periods inaccessible to cerebral memory and to ordinary logic.