Another way to live love and sexuality

Without really being aware, we apply in our way of living love and its physical expression a series of preordained schemes. These representations and behavior patterns, we take them for granted. They shape our emotions, our gestures, our judgments and crush in the bud the subtle inspirations that could make us recognize the natural laws. We no longer know what is right, as standard puts us on blinders and bullied our authentic impulses. The instinctual energy then rushes in paradoxical ways, consistent with the requirements of morality, which we end up believing belong to our natural condition.
This has resulted in the failure of love as to its essential function: the development of psychic abilities. We are then caught in a vicious circle, one hand we are convinced to act for the best, the other we suffer from a failure whose content nothing allows us to formulate. And we get deprived of the same faculties that would enable us to find the common thread …
It was one of the most delicate tasks of evolutionary ecopsychology that decrypt the natural laws meant to govern amorous behavior and sex. It took decades of research and observation to achieve the results today acquired. It is also a good time and reflection to assimilate the concepts that have emerged and which now constitute a true theory of natural Eros.
You can experience these revolutionary concepts in the training course. They help you understand the multiple hazards that use to change the destined path to happiness and transcendence, into a descent into hell worthy of Orpheus and Eurydice. Beyond psychology and classical psychoanalysis, the Oedipus myth and all the secrets of ancient mythology will not be too much to untie this Gordian knot in which end so many times our love stories. You can then start fresh on the way to happiness, which coincides with your spiritual evolution …*