The interpretation of extrasensory messages

To decipher symbols is only possible under two conditions: to replace them in the proper context, and know the keys to the symbolic. To show Chinese characters to readers who are unaware of this writing will probably be a fun folk side, but they won’t understand anything. And even were they the ideograms on the fingertip, to the let them decipher in an inappropriate context induces all sorts of biases and misunderstandings.

Archetypal symbols are the basic language of extrasensory messages. They take infinitely varied shapes, sometimes abstract, sometimes pictorial, sometimes mathematical or scriptural, taken from everyday life, religious iconography, mythology, in color, black and white, reversed, fixed, mobile. These are kinds of hieroglyphics one would have to learn during childhood to master perfectly.

They are a bit like Russian dolls, several nested levels of significance. But signified go well beyond the immediate form. In lack of the necessary keys, we may stop on superficial interpretations and despite the best will, will draw aberrant conclusions. Note that the most important words of our familiar languages obey also such polysemy so that they change meaning depending on the context. This doesn’t prevent us from speaking clearly and grasp the sentences ‘meaning, most of the time.

Some telepathic transmissions offer the occasion to analyze symbols’ lability, their movements and condensation. Instead of seeing such a multi-color painted holidaymaker boat, on which actually lies the transmitter, the same colors can be received in the form of a multicolored beach ball on the sand, where the same person would be held in balance. The offset boat → ball could come from the fact that ball games in his holiday’s happy memories, hold a particularly acute place. in his holiday memories of games particularly acute ball. Or that the navigator would be especially glad to play the ball with the transmitter, or the reciprocal…

The message’s core appears through the similitudes: boat or colorful ball standing for games, symbols of relaxation, happy moments or holiday loves. The navigator standing on the ball-boat reflects mastery of the situation, for example that his intention to take the initiative to propose common holidays. The rather unstable equilibrium position can evoke a certain fragility of his intentions, perhaps some presumption as to their acceptance by the emitter.

A whole range of potential dispositions emerge from such a telepathic message, from which it is a priori impossible to separate those that best correspond to reality. The only way to go further is to receive other messages and proceed by subtraction. There is then a self interrogation effort required of the receiver, which will allow him to find the most favorable attitude when an actual proposal would be made to him. Or whether it should take the lead to allow the issuer to express his hope.

All extrasensory messages are part of a symbolic of this type. Clairvoyance, a series of visions answering the same question is key to understanding the message. Must still learn to recognize common denominators between neighboring symbols, and put them in relation to current situations’ most salient elements.

Note that any message interpretation extrasensory demand, in addition to knowledge of the archetypal language, a sufficiently close connection with the transcendent dimension. It is at this subtle level that can be felt if this or that explanation is right or wrong. Yogis talk about Kundalini, represented (in an archetypal way) by a snake meant to rise along the spine. This entirely natural function, which should not be confused with an emotion or ordinary thrill, serves as a kind of green light every time we get nearer to the truth. It is present in all of us, but can occur only as long as Ego doesn’t take much place.

The performers’ own quality is therefore as important as the mediums’. Complying with this dual condition is the price to avoid destabilizing attempts sometimes bearing serious misinterpretation consequences, and for extrasensory messages to benefit the most.