Dead-ends and vicious circle

Derogations to natural laws imprison us in deadlocks and vicious circles we have no clue as to how to escape them.

The use of drug, for instance, create a dependency that prompts the drug user to seek ever stronger drugs. An ill-balanced alimentation induces unease, causing more and more unhealthy dietary habits. Badmouthing against back luck put in a state such as you can’t profit from new chances anymore…

Our Western civilisation imprisons itself in a gigantic vicious circle initiated by the loss of the extrasensory. The primordial guide able to direct decisions and actions in accord to our individual destiny, to ensure harmony between members of the human community. As result of conflicts and tensions that stem from them, and in absence of proper guidance, love can’t function in abidance to natural laws. What results is our cutting off from the very source of energy of our extrasensory abilities.