The vague and arbitrariness of usual visions

Mediums are subjected to constant psychological pressure from the consultants: the latter want clear answers on the material plane, how such events take place, what they need to do to win the lottery, which team will win the next game, who will be elected president, if their wife is cheating on them … While extrasensory takes place elsewhere: on the level of the spiritual forces that cross our destinies.

Many misunderstandings arise from this shift between two aspects of reality. The seers gradually become accustomed to translate into a rationalist language perceptions that go far beyond the rational. They automatically fear being wrong, even if they do not admit it, and these tensions disrupt the messages that lose in accuracy and relevance.

Most mediums are not able to interpret visions or drawings. They are themselves caught in the rationalist matrix of our culture. The extrasensory messages take more or less in consideration this situation, often giving in the dark so as to limit misunderstandings. The symbolic gets more and more abstract and unrelated to immediate situations, therefore hardly interpretable, and mediums have no other solution than to add their grain of salt more or less arbitrarily, to satisfy the consultants’ expectations.

It is essential to correctly interpret the extrasensory messages, correctly grasp the subtle connections between the transcendent dimension and our world here below. This is what you do in the training course. Past that training you you won’t need to rely anymore on tierce people to interpret visions and drawings, be another medium’s, or yours as you develop your own psychic abilities.