Metapsychic finality of erotic pulsions

If there are two domains hard to think objectivily, it would be sexuality and paranormal. To imagine a concrete link between these two forbidden zones makes it even more daring.

Yet, experience showed that such a relation does exist. This discovery happened first by chance: a few people living love in a context mixing dietary simplicity, mutual respect, overcoming of desire and jealousy, could note the occurring of dazzling clairvoyance phenomena. Especially impressive visions, in their symbolic charge as well as in their visual aspect, manifest in particularly unexpected ways. Verification of the messages, realized with special septicity and attention, several person concerned being themselves scientists, have all been revealed conclusive.

The phenomena, repeating with lot of people, always in similar relational configurations, appeared to be verifiable and reproductible. Though the conditions of its apparition remain delicate and imply specific modalities of love relationships and sexual realisations, closer of Eros than of sex. These elements are discussed in ample details in our formation course.

How does it come that such an important and spectacular phenomena be not mentioned in our culture’s annals ? In fact, there still are some vestiges, which our modern minds have no clue about. On the most precise and comprehensive testimony is provided by the “Garden of Earthly Delights” of Jeronimus Bosch. This tryptic, dating back to early XVIe century, shows clearly, that some kind of love relationships result in paranormal faculties. Numerous converging symbols don’t leave any doubts as for the painter’s intentions, and will be studied in our course.

Other oeuvres d’art too will be studies, and also Celts, Scandinavian and Greek mythos which relate an ancient knowledge of the sacred nature of love and its physical manifestation. Such traces can be found in lots of modern myths that some films are, which is a proof these secrets are still trying to surface.

The consequences of the existence of such a relation lead to question all afferent thought schemes. Every aspects of human and social relations, the relation to the body and the sacred as well, ought to be rethought completely.

This rebuilding work represents a deep paradigmatic shift, that can’t e achieved instantly. It is meant to realize on the biggest hope: to understand why social relationships, especially love relationships, know so much hardships, and find solutions respecting the natural laws, and in the end to live love as it should be, without heartbreaks nor suffering. With, as icing on the cake: the gain of psi abilities…

One way – if not the only one – to get back the paradise on earth…