Some people are convinced to have visions, because they see some embryos of images forming as in “lucid” dream states, for instance just before falling asleep. Sometimes they may even induce by thought, a fairly accurate imaging.

This phenomenon should not be confused with genuine clairvoyance. This does not require any state of drowsiness, dizziness, ecstasy or other. The use of altered states of consciousness is only useful when access to extrasensory does not operate normally. Similarly the use of the drug as in some forms of shamanism, believed to facilitate communication with spirits, carries the risk of confusing the access to authentic extrasensory content and simple hallucinatory phenomena linked to cerebral disorder . Sometimes a paranormal message slips into a hallucinatory state, but it is then subject to distortion, and interpretation is extremely random.

The true clairvoyance is more like a “third eye” that the medium can simply open with a question: the answer is in general a matter of second, always surprising (no relation to the expectations of the medium or consultant) charged symbol and emotion (it is characteristic of archetypes or transcendent antecultural symbolic content, as described by Jung).

Often, mediums do not understand the meaning by themselves. It can take all possible forms: real object, person, cartoon, geometry, alphabet character, word, sentence, design, diagram, mathematical signs, etc. The art of the interpreter then is to extract from the image (or series thereof) its symbolic content, which can often be multiple, that is to say apply to various aspects different levels of the current situation, past, or future.

To avoid misunderstandings, we must rebuild a correct perception of reality, integrating the material dimension and the transcendent dimension. A psychic function quite special, also known by Hindus as the Kundalini, plays a crucial role in the art to match the extrasensory messages with the experiences of those involved. Purely rational interpretations are dangerous, one can draw aberrant conclusions aberrant and make bad decisions.

A culture that integrates the transcendent dimension from the onset would allow the ability to interpret archetypes to develop at a young age. This is not the case in our kind of society, where misunderstandings about the paranormal stack on each others. Evolutionary ecopsychology courses’ program includes a detailed learning program of this unknown aspect of reality.