Rational way

Rationality is the caretaker of reasoning. One often gets the impression that, to access some hidden or mystical dimensions of reality, we must renounce rationalism. Evolutionary Ecopsychology made the opposite conclusion: rationality is an integral part of thought; it does not prevent access to the transcendent, as long as it is not invested by the Ego.

In other words: if most esotericists advocate abstention of thought to develop higher faculties (e.g. Tantra), that’s because thoughts are usually invaded by the Ego, a state of mind actually inconsistent with love and spiritual dimension. In reality, pure thought doesn’t hinder in anything, access to the transcendent, on the contrary it is necessary here, as in any conscious process.

What needs to be eliminated, are the various egotistical thoughts interferences: desire for power, competition, possessiveness, pride, desire, shame, self-justification, reproach, resentment etc.