A coherent whole

Our worldview is crossing many contradictions. The entire life of device that we offer our civilization is far from consistent.

Foreknowledge that we have of love is that of an immanent happiness, and our relations end up for most, in tears, trauma or existential void. We aspire in all things to perfection, but perfection remains eternally inaccessible. We tend to believe ourselves superior to others, and this belief makes us appear inferior. We take refuge in faith in a Savior God, and faith despite us tarnishes by doubt and despair.

We believe that science can give us complete knowledge of the world, but the different disciplines and discoveries reach such complexity that only a few experts can master them. We live in the hope to have the truth, and the more we get near it, the more truth eludes. We are proud of our inventions and our modern technology, despite their thousands perverse drawbacks threatening the future of our planet. We are forced to survive to resort to agriculture, that continues to destroy the humus reserves and condemns our offspring to famine …

Further examination can show (this will be done in the course) how the common denominator of all these contradictions and suffering is based on the loss of access to the transcendent dimension. Most of our drives are organized to connect us to this dimension, and that is in itself is the failure of our aspirations, that causes feelings of frustration and emotional pain.

Conversely, the gradual return of the natural access to transcendent values assures that the impulses will reach their ultimate goal again. Spontaneously, old frustrations and sufferings disappear, replaced by the feeling of fullness own to normal consciousness.

Thus gradually rediscovered its natural state, which is a state of constant internal connection to the archetypal values, embodied in extrasensory messages. The feeling of happiness is nothing but a sign of normal mental functioning, knowing that the original normality includes access to transcendence, and that that access is found very spontaneously through simple obedience to the natural laws…