The transmission of thought is the most common psychic abilities after intuition. However, it only works if the mind is not occupied with all sorts of stray thoughts that may cover the telepathic messages. We should in now way try to imagine in advance the thought of the person who is meant to communicate. One can get the impression to capture his thoughts when one has its own representation in the field of consciousness.

Telepathy can also transmit images, seen or viewed by a psychic as transmitter. The comparison between the image transmitted and the received image allows the analysis of how the phenomenon works. It is noted that these are not necessarily the concrete elements of the transmitted image that result in the received image, but their symbolic value.

Instead of seeing such a multicolored vacationers ship, as in the intended image, the same colors can be received in the form of floating on water beach ball: the contents are neighboring, holidaymakers boat ↔ beach play both being floating objects. The discrepancy could be because the navigator intends to play ball after accosting, without necessarily actually owning a multicolored ball. Moreover, the tension between the two symbols can express an intent to play with a person involved in a close relationship, a loved one, a mistress, etc.

All telepathic transmissions are subject to the same symbolic displacements, also when it comes to thoughts or speech elements. It is therefore not a simple phenomenon, as would be a TV or radio transmission, but a phenomenon belonging to the transcendent dimension, in which actually rules archetypal symbolism.