Rational and irrational

Access to psychic abilities challenges the limits that are usually between rational and irrational. But first, how to define the irrational? The dictionary says: “that does not belong to the domain of reason, does not come from reasoning. Exceeding the intellect, which is not consistent with logic or common sense”.

Paranormal therefore belongs unequivocally to the irrational: we can not master it by the intellect, messages defy logic and common sense, the archetypal symbolisms do not obey the rules of reason. They depart from the same principles of reasoning, which fall within the temporal relationships and the relationship of cause and effect; it is replaced by symbolic kinship and “energy affinities” …

It is important to distinguish this transcendent aspect of the irrational, of what can be simple logical contradiction or challenge common sense. The fact that we designate these two aspects of disagreement with reason by a single word reveals how the paranormal is misunderstood in our culture.

The ambient rationalism was confirmed by relegating the transcendent to the rank of the illogical, the absurd, the occult: tragic confusion in our culture that encloses excessively the sterile mental cage. Rationalists should have started by asking the following question: what kind of logic is to govern the whole field of our psyche? Shall it apply to all aspects of consciousness?

Reason is without doubt universal, in that it is present in all cultures and is proven valid every time it comes to predicting the evolution of a situation or solve a problem. But is this same logic applying in the more subtle areas of consciousness, for example when it comes to intuition, love, dream interpretation?

The question is even more imperative when extrasensory phenomena multiply and get a frequency closer to what was apparently the case in a natural background. We discover that it is another form of logic that applies to messages’ interpretation: not the logic of affirmation and the law of excluded middle, the real supervisor in the intellectual field, but a logic of tuning-questioning going far beyond the boundaries of binary alternative.

This otherworldly logic requires a solid learning, which shall certainly occur during childhood childhood under natural conditions, but can be made up for afterward. To rediscover itself is one of the major challenges of this training.