As for on the web ?

The term “evolutionary ecopsychology” does not exist elsewhere on the Internet or in the scientific literature.

There are however “Ecopsychology” as such, designating an already fruitful approach: the study of environmental influences on human mental functioning.

Evolutionary Ecopsychology sort as “environmental” data from the natural or man-made environment, but also the relational and cultural factors specific to its social environment. This leads to question many stereotypes and prejudices, the principles of education, the school system, production methods, scientific paradigms, ethics, etc.

Moreover, it not only considers the influence of the environment on human beings. It deeply analyzes the psychological mechanisms responsible for changes to the material and cultural backgrounds over the centuries. It focuses on the primary origin of these mechanisms and their possible disorders.

So appear many interactions between psychological disorders and disorders of the physical and cultural environment. We can expect to find behind each conflict, frustration or suffering certain abuses of dominant value system and the origin of these drifts certain psychic dysfunctions from specific causes.

The search for the origin of these excesses and dysfunctions allows the same time defining the conditions for personal development, for example the appearance of psychic abilities. From which we can infer the essential role they should play in a society built on the natural potential of the human being.

The name “Evolutionary ecopsychology” is well justified: it is the mutual relationship between the individual and the environment in the broader meaning, that impact personal development and the changing environment.

The challenge is to highlight the mistakes of man and society, including the reason for these errors in order to break the vicious circles that could be set up in the company’s history and that of the individual.