Classic psychotherapies

Evolutionary Ecopsychology is not psychotherapy, in the sense that a psychotherapist take care of you to help you overcome psychological difficulties.

This is a teaching, of a new design as well of the psychic apparatus as of objective reality, including the existence of a transcendent dimension on the basis of concrete observations. This will be explained to you depending on your past experiences, in the context of illustrations of educational nature. You could thus use a particularly powerful deciphering grid to solve problems, understand the source of others’ difficulties or yours. Consultation clairvoyance and divination drawings are also always here, making it easy to benefit directly from the invaluable contributions provided by the extrasensory dimension. directly benefit from the invaluable contributions provided by extrasensory dimension.

The combination of understanding the psychological mechanisms conscious or unconscious, and of a superconscious light shed on points hermetic to the mind, is by far beneficial than a simple psychotherapy. The latter induces a dependency towards a therapist, with the communication difficulties, error risks and subjection it stands for. On the contrary, Evolutionary Ecopsychology makes you the master of your destiny and the judge aware of the complex forces involved in difficult situations.

Rather than a miracle recipe, taken from intellectual conceptions promoted by some school of psychology, it puts you in touch with the deeper layers of your being and teaches you to see clearly in yourself and others. The extrasensory messages allow you to take off the masks and barriers that characterize current relations between individuals. A minimum of personal working is needed to incorporate these new data, which can’t be helped if one is to move forward and overcome the vagaries of life.