Existencial problems

Our civilization promises happiness, at least material happiness … But this promise is unfortunately not often held!
Existential problems frequently occur where one expect them the least expect them, whatever our level of wealth, skill, intelligence, social success. If we look closer, ability, success, money, are rather the consequences of an internal state that can reach by promoting intuition, creativity, adaptability, enthusiasm.
Evolutionary Ecopsychology can act both on this inner state, as well as external factors of relational and cultural, that through two complementary ways.

The first way is the one proposed by the various schools of psychology and psychoanalysis. But our approach has the huge advantage to connect all of these views deemed incompatible, thanks to the rediscovery of the most essential function of Eros, to drive and fuel metapsychic development.
A striking example is that of Freud and Jung, the first attributed neurotic disorders to repression of sexual impulses, while his former disciple invoked the repression of metapsychic or “numinous” energy. Knowing that theses energies must be found in Eros, entails that the two are right, as sexual repression forbid any food to the soul, which would be used to seek those numinous energies. Different theoretical or therapeutic approaches – and they are now numerous – can thus meet and be used synergistically to restore the normal functioning of the psyche. Defining normal functioning gets possible, not by reference to a social norm that has strayed away from nature, but as a natural operation, including spontaneous access to psychic abilities and the transcendent dimension of the cosmos.
In addition, the use of psychic abilities like clairvoyance ( a genuine one !) the I Ching or other divination tools (used by mediums of sufficient level), permits to gain insight in the most obfuscated situations, where the big number of unknown or inaccessible factors makes the analytical approaches inapplicable… like in most cumbersome existential problems.