Scientific plane

Every science has practical implications for everyday life. A science which wouldn’t would be fruitless, reserved for an intellectual elite. It would bear little impact in the cultural panorama, no feeling concerned.

Evolutionary Ecopsychology profoundly revolutionizes our thinking of the universe, simply through finding out the natural ways of development of psychic abilities, ways stayed far hermetic to science. These faculties, being within the reach of everyone’s worldview can not be amputated anymore, as is the case today of its transcendent dimension.

We must therefore build a scientific representation of the cosmos taking into account both the physical dimensions (space-time) and the properties of matter (classical physics, quantum and other approaches) as well as paranormal phenomena. The latter transcend space and time and can be seen as taking place in another dimension.

The consideration of this transcendent dimension completely transforms the common position responding to events, when dealing with human relationships, paranormal phenomena, the laws of chance, religions, atheism…

Evolutionary Ecopsychology attempts to make a general summary of these paradigm shifts, staying perfectly rational in its arguments and objectively comprehending paranormal manifestations. These can no longer be denied that casually, as they are part of everyday life, and even less so when you can explain the reasons for their disappearance in a culture like ours.

The discovery of the fundamental relation between Eros and the paranormal is the to open to extrasensory development opportunities accessible to everyone. It is also the key to let science undercover the many contradictions, frustrations and sufferings that plague our daily lives.