Forgotten for centuries

Not completely wiped out, but crushed under both materialistic believes, and Western religious tenets.

For materialists, there is only matter and any phenomenon that can’t be explained by matter, can’t simply exist. For religions, on the other hand, the spiritual dimension does exist, but it can’t have anything in common with paranormal phenomena, a few aside which they label as miracles, while seizing them to their own profit.

A link between body and the paranormal, especially between love life and acquirement of extrasensory faculties, is a hurdle to both of these groups. As these two sides monopolize cultural spaces for generations, that subject has fallen in disgrace, and labelled as superstition.

Some esoteric teachings, entrenched camps somehow escaping the vigilance of these two exclusive domains, have nonetheless conserved its arcana. But their words are smartly coded, for monopoly or security reasons. So that the public is still cloistered in global ignorance, torn between these two institutional poles of knowledge.

A historian fond of paintings from Jheronimus Bosch, Wilhem Fraenger, demonstrated still, that the famous tryptic named “The Garden of Earthly Delight” could shed light on this mystery (1947). The famous Flemish painter would evoke here in a symbolic way, through a cabalistic iconography of his own, the relation between sex and the extrasensory. But Fraenger’s study was shunned by the other exegetes, either because they felt stupid no to have thought about it themselves, or by fear of their fellows’ judgements.

If we look out a little bit, we realize that lots of Greek mythos, or celts, or others, say the same things. We find the same tokens in Genesis, or the New Testament. It would be erroneous then, to pretend those truthes were forgotten. It is more the case of a systematic occultation, sometimes of a denial, like with all uncomfortable truths.

Whatever, observations done under the aegis of Evolutionary Ecopsychology confirm the reality of a primordial link between love and access to the extrasensory. We are not talking between evanescent believes or superstitious auto-suggestions, but of a concrete and simple reality. Epistemologists would talk about verifiable and reproductive phenomena, even though conditions of their apparition are at times quite difficult to realize or define verbally.

Evolutionary Ecopsychology offers you to partake to this fundamental rediscovery. Either that you desire to access by yourself to these faculties of intuition or clairvoyance particulary useful in these troubled times, or either that you simply ask advises from people already expert in that matter, which will help you take the lead better, of your own destiny.

You may also think about undergoing a more thorough formation, to teach yourself later to future students. This solution reunites all the advantages: personal evolution, contacts with mediums, joy to teach, and financial compensation.