For classical psychology, communication between people is established through verbal exchanges information (speech) or paraverbal (prosody, facial expressions, gaze, gestures, etc.). Everything therefore rely on sensory perceptions, conscious or unconscious.

Missing from this is a modeling an essential component: extrasensory perception. A single speech can produce either excellent communication or deep discomfort, which can be explained by a more subtle exchange of the same nature as the telepathic transmission. Nurture relationships we can have with others, taking into account the single sensory communication often remains inadequate. One can certainly bring along a third party to sign a contract or pay a sum of money. But this type of relationship stays superficial. The slightest mishap is enough to create doubt and disharmony.

Relationships based on a more subtle affinity are much stronger and fruitful. They do not collapse during an impact or a communication error. We feel very well that something more important than words and commitments feeds and puts away the vicissitudes of existence. A confidence of another order far exceeds what the best business or friendship contracts claim to guarantee.

By working on oneself in order to preserve this more subtle communication makes building very fruitful and lasting relationships. Or we will give to potential relationships the biggest chances to spontaneously build. Here as elsewhere, the transcendent dimension of the psyche is far more efficient than all the stratagems of intellect and affect…