Health is the most valuable asset of this world, because without health, everything else is collapsing sooner or later: love, happiness, success, money, or even spiritual journey …

Will ensure good health is not less a daunting task. often we ignore the causes of disease. It was not long ago, since it was recommended people to be downright fat, ignoring the presence of excess fat promotes cardiovascular disease, leading cause of death in developed countries. cigarette was valued as a sign of virility, before research demonstrated the virtues of highly carcinogenic smoke.

Medical treatments have made great progress, but once disease installed, they are often a huge toll on lives and bodies, everyday life is not what it was. Not to mention all the nasty surprises that have reserved multiple medications, including those whose side effects no one ever anticipated.

The best solution is always to treat her health rather than treat his disease. Yet have we to find out how. Everyone has other predispositions, other weaknesses, it is often impossible to know before they happen, and that we know how to overcome even if known.

There’s fortunately still a solution: to use the transcendent. Clairvoyance and divination drawings, made in good conditions, are perfectly capable of indicating the physiological dangers, and give advice on prevention.

They in no way exclude the use of medicine. They may instead encourage consult a doctor before the disease does not declare or cause to suggest a treatment he would not have thought. They can help to correct health behavior (movement, sleep, food …), often the best prevention, or announce a risk of somatization in case of psychic conflict still unconscious.

Evolutionary ecopsychology can contribute very effectively to disease prevention and the implementation of medical treatments. The inner work it leads to accomplish on yourself through a deeper understanding of internal and external conflicts, also helps to shape the body towards better operating conditions and healing.

Stress reduction, combined with a new-found confidence, and better alignment with the energy fields that carry our destinies, has the effect of optimizing the immune system, which are known to be the most important factor health.

Good health is thus both an indicator of a just attitude, based on the respect of natural laws, and the condition for a long and happy life, in favor of a genuine spiritual evolution.