Health and psyche

It is a commonplace to say that health depends on the psyche. What is less known is how to change mental state.

Various techniques are available: control, auto-suggestion, visualization, positive thinking, psychoanalysis, neurolinguistic programming, diets… The results are usually superficial and limited in time. The difficulty is best understood when one knows that an essential part of the psyche does not work as intended by nature.

The transcendent dimension is indeed the source of energy that can power of intuition, creativity, but also the harmony of vital functions. Perhaps it is better to say that without this crucial source which is the origin of all life, the vital functions may disrupt the point of emergence of disease.

Evolutionary Ecopsychology makes up for a fundamental solution by intervening at three levels:

– It teaches us how to melt the internal conflict and misguided thoughts pattern that bar the way to transcendent energies,
– It brings the indispensable key to restore the natural access to energy, through knowledge of the natural laws of love,
– It provides us with the archetypal messages to target the root causes of health damage, depending on each particular case.

Work on the internal conflict is facilitated by the use of psychology and psychoanalysis, revised in the light of the natural functioning of the psyche and metapsychism. It’s a whole part of the human psyche lacking in classical theories, and which is essential to trace the root causes of health problems.

The gradual resolution of internal conflicts promotes access to subtle energies. Step by step, the gain in inner peace and better centering of consciousness make it possible to experience love on a higher plane, and avoid the fall of relationships into the usual shortcomings: jealousy, boredom, repetition, aggression, etc. It is much easier to draw the missing energy in love and sexual fulfillment.

The archetypal messages, accessible through personal progress in extrasensory perception, or through clairvoyance consultations or divination drawings, come again to show the path to health, avoiding unnecessary trial and error.

The disease finally appear to be largely a result of the operating loss of (meta) natural psychic. Either due to blocking of transcendent energies involved in the functioning of our biological mechanisms. Either because this loss leads to severe lifestyle mistakes due to lack of super-natural guidance towards means of prevention or cure.

But beware: this guide does not work if one relies on it to discard medical care or simple rules of healthy living. We should not conclude the futility of treatment or dietary measures, for example. Every epoch lives with its progress, and extrasensory reflects the global reality of the moment. To believe onself over the rules of hygiene and medicine’s contributions would be a kind of sin of pride. And pride, like everything that belongs to the Ego, is incompatible with the transcendent. Or even with happiness and health…