We can distinguish two kinds of intuition: ordinary intuition, which works using unconscious or subconscious memorization of normally elements of ordinary perception, neglected by the consciousness; and the other which relies on transcendent energies on which extrasensory faculties feed, and which we can qualify as the authentic intuition.

Ordinary intuition lets you remember names, rules, knowledges that escaped out the consciousness’s attention. The brain set through a voluntary or non voluntary process, connexions to contents unavailable to deliberate will. Active concentrations tends rather, to hasten disappearance of elusive contents. It is rather recreation and absence of desire, that further intuition. The reactivation of forgotten contents works through analogy, causal relation, or contextual reference. This process is mainly of intellectual nature, with a definite emotional of sensorial component (memory of a scent, as conjured up by Proust).

Transcendent intuition uses partly the same mechanisms, but it fed by subtle metapsychic energies. Like visions, or telepathy, it can get us insights of things we never knew before, especially things related to the future. It grants access the unknown, lets connect with the hidden side of reality or consciousness (to the collective unconscious, to cite C.G.Jung). Its revelations surprise us, make us thing through, let go, see situations in a new light, through reasoning or symbolic resonances unlikely to appear by normal intellectual processes.

In a natural state, these two flows of intuition shouldn’t be divided. No separation is necessary between the intellectual approach and the paranormal one, the rational and extrasensory being at one with one another in the universe and the natural cerebral functioning. It is by the way the same attitude of relaxation or meditation, which assist both channels of intuition.