Personal evolution

We all feel a deep need to evolve, to grow in our existence. Some psychologists explain this need for an extension of the forces that inhabit the child grow and learn, adapt to the environment and its surroundings. Adults reach a final form, where this push should give way to a more stable position, the desire to increase giving way to the need to put the values acquired in childhood in the service of society. This is in fact a socio-capitalist model: the accumulated values must be made profitable for the good of the community.

You can see things quite differently. The existence would be the crucible of an alchemy of consciousness beginning in childhood by learning from reality. Not only of material reality (face, body, food, objects, volumes, drawings …), but mainly to the transcendent reality.

It says in effect that the child lives in a world of magic world he should distance himself into an adult. The pattern is reversed when we know that this magic is not a fantasy but a genuine forerunner of reality: he announces a possible access, through psychic abilities, to the transcendent dimension.

The child would have, as this aspiration to the magical, innate intuition of the existence of this dimension. An essential intuition which should continue throughout life and guide personal growth: sensation of magic, appearing or disappearing following situations that are favorable or not to the spiritual progress and shows like a lantern that lights or turn off the direction destiny shall followed to accomplish fully.

The real adult would in this case not the one who has lost that aspiration to magic, but who would have on the opposite, integrated and actualized into its personality. Find these values requires work on oneself, including on the Ego that rivals already the magical in children. Exceeding the Ego then leaves the way open for the development of extrasensory. Archetypes mark out the spiritual path, which is recognized at the feeling of happiness, fulfillment, and magic – like the one we are looking for in temples or cathedrals without necessarily find them there.

And spontaneously is plotted, the path to an authentic personal development…