Personalized training

The teaching that you find on this site has nothing to do with a simple course as given in school or in universities. This is neither a private course, taught by a dedicated tutor.

It is more like an “initiation”, though this term usually conjures a set of rituals and esoteric beliefs. The difference is that the topics are based on objective observational facts that revolutionize the cultural paradigm both the conventional and esoteric teachings belong to.

The central discovery of Evolutionary Ecopsychology, namely the natural way of acquiring psychic abilities, gives this teaching both an initiatory character, and the benefits of a rational approach.

Esoteric teachings, which don’t have the same keys or the same rational approach, are forced to impose arbitrary and often counter-productive rules. They have no other recourse, to hide dark spots, than to walnut communication in a fog of mystical , irrational and unverifiable notions. Hence some looks of sacredness, intermingled with superstition with more or less occult overtones.

None of this with Evolutionary Ecopsychology. It could be defined as the rational way in accordance with natural laws, leading to extrasensory perception. We find in his teaching as well as the scientific criteria of rationality and objectivity, that the work opening of consciousness to the transcendent dimension.

The integration of these different elements, however, requires some inner work, engaging each person’s specific problems. The general concepts are well rooted in the history and identity of each participant, knowing that no two individuals carry the same cultural avatars or the same gene pool.

Everyone is different, and the teaching of a process that is to be open to all aspects of human consciousness must necessarily comprehend all these individual differences. It is therefore a personalized education by virtue of its nature.

It would be better in fact to speak of a personalizing education, in that it allows everyone to rediscover his real personality, buried under sediments of education, trauma and cultural stereotypes. Whatever the thickness of obstacles, this inner truth is always present, as vivid as can be the child’s aspiration to magic.

I takes just to clear away the many layers of dust which prevent its expression, to awake from the collective dream we call reality, and take control of one’s destiny.