All our existential problems imply by nature our psychic functioning. The way we react to the events matter much more than the events themselves. Be it money, love or health, it is always our endeavour, capacity of adaptation, self-control, creativity, patience and steadfastness that make the difference.

Intuitive psychology, made of Bon sens and sensibility, is indispensable when concrete situations are concerned, but it doesn’t exclude contributions from the various schools of classical psychology. It also take into account the different schools of psychoanalysis, when it comes to dig for the unconscious roots our desires, frustrations and sufferings. Jungian psychoanalysis, in particular, considers subtle energies (“numinous” energies in his vocabulary) and can reveal of great aid.

Let’s note however that all these contributions need to be reformulated, so as to integrate this new and fundamental connexion between Eros and the metapsychic abilities. The point then, isn’t to collect elements of theory here and there and glue them mindlessly, but to come with a revolutionary synthesis, based on the long hidden relation between love and the paranormal.

There results for instance, the model of a “normal” man must be revised: natural “normality” is referential in which all men possess extrasensory abilities, bound to the transcendent dimension, and the archetypal flow of information, it provides permanently. Sexual frustrations as explored by the freudist school appear then as the least important side, of a much more potent frustration, deeper too, and spiritual in nature. We come to understand altogether the origin of morale, at the beginning made to stigmatize behaviours prejudicial to this vital connexion, and the reasons of these drifts and consequences in term of neurosis, etc.

These few examples show the importance a single new axiom can gain over the entirety of a new theoretic approach and its practical applications. To talk about eco-psychology reminds of a little tiny part of the revolution in thoughts and life styles, it could bring about…[en