From where do come these powers that prompt us to act, create, progress throughout our existence ? Where does this source fade away in some individuals ? Why is it stronger in some, and weaker in others?

It is very often after an affective shock, such as the realisation of a one-sided love, that we feel this life force weakening. Classical psychology explains it in terms of trauma, depression, death anguish or other concept specialists enjoy to play with.

Evolutionary Ecopsychology’s achievements allows to give a more fundamental account for it: the energy that passes through the deep layers of our being, has its home in the universe’s transcendent dimension, observable through ESP whose development it nurtures at the same time. It is the source of all life and continue to feed vital functions all along our existence. And we can drink to this source thanks to the miracle of love and its physical expression, as long as we abide by the natural laws.

The reciprocal implies that each time we commit mistakes regards to these natural laws, we cut ourselves from this primordial source, our metapsychic sensibility trails off, and we fall into a blind world of matter and animality. Life then appears shallow and boring, as we refuge into distractions and factice pleasures. We suffer all kinds of delusions, in particular the illusion of having dominion over nature and the world as a whole. Technological advances accelerate, economic growth substitutes for happiness, and we rejoice of all that while being astonished to see the earth undergoing bankrupt…

Evolutionary Ecopsychology lets you recover the lost source, in denunciating mistakes in our way of life and representations that obstructed its access. Like the flower that was waning before she could get some water and light she needed, and bloomed again, to restore love’s and the extrasensory’s original place guarantees the immediate return of dynamism and zest for life.