As the dictionary says: divination is the art of discovering what is ignored or hidden, or known only of the divinity, stepping aside the ordinary paths to knowledge by means of occult processes, or magical practices.

The issue arising naturally, is to wonder if genuine divination really exists, or if this is only an illusion nurtured by the Barnum effect and our anxiety toward the future. The Barnum effect, by the name of the famous circle, consists in a tendency to believe the vague sentences of a (false) fortune-teller(as there are in circuses) elements of one’s own real situation, whereas he’s done nothing but saying what pleased the person, or what was suggested through her attitude or reactions.

There is with no doubts, in the world of divination, as in the world of clairvoyance, a lot of charlatanism. It is regrettable, as it tarnishes the name of authentic mediums. We need to know how to tell the true from the false if we don’t want to be victims of the unrepentant swindlers. The development of one’s own intuition and extrasensory faculties is the best means to make sure of this perspicacity before a real or so-called diviner, the intellect having by itself in most situations not enough to go by.

This is consequently, a contribution from Evolutionary Ecopsychology, to promote the self-improvement of intuition and paranormal abilities. The frequent contact, during formation courses or consultations for divinatory drawings, or clairvoyance consultations, with medium bestowed with authentic abilities provides also, useful reference marks, as we get used to the way extrasensory messages manifest.