Transcendent dimension

It is clear that the laws of classical physics are self-explanatory. They stay perfectly consistent, postulating the existence of a supernatural dimension or not.

These laws concern only the properties of matter, as observed by ordinary senses. They no longer hold at the scale of particles, as shown by quantum physics. They therefore can’t be a support in any way, the denial of a dimension transcending matter, explaining extrasensory phenomena.

It is surprising that a whole part of the scientific world has argued that only the material reality exists, until it had to invent a new word to describe the part of reality that escapes the laws of physics: the “paranormal”. These phenomena are yet numerous enough, and sufficiently documented today by parapsychology, for what is objectively required to acknowledge their existence.

The observations made in the context of evolutionary ecopsychology leave no doubt about it. Certainly the majority of people did not live a paranormal experience. This can logically come from two causes: either the paranormal actually is in fact non-existent; either the perception of this part of reality is largely underdeveloped.

Only facts can decide: if extrasensory perception can be developed so as to be systematic, especially in people who have never manifested it beforehand, opting for the second hypothesis can’t be avoided. Aside from psychics and other sensitives, most individuals would simply be deprived of these faculties as a result of education, or incomplete psychic structuring due to some trauma.

This is where the Evolutionary Ecopsychology allows to set things straight: it shows that it may be enough to apply certain life rules, concerning pertaining to lifestyle, love and transcendence of the Ego, to note the appearance of remarkable gifts of second sight, clairaudition or divination. This is sufficiently regular basis to conclude that these faculties are part of the natural functioning of the psyche.

Suffice to say that the materialistic standard collapses completely and rethinking everything differently. The image promoted by the scientific world of a world reduced to a solely space-time populated particle is clearly only a partial approach to reality. Hence the need to provide a fresh new explanatory framework, that integrates a transcendent dimension to which everyone should have access, if it wasn’t for the effects of the system of thought and materialistic education.