Physical dimension

If we mentally restores the primordial unity, be it only on the level of our representations, giving back to our body transcendent dimension, the body appears as the melting crucible can where the subtle alchemy of thinking, feelings and spiritual values happens. Intellect and affect would then be the channels of expression of the archetypal contents, and the bridge between the later, and the ordinary consciousness.

Evolutionary ecopsychology answers these questions on and off the facts: there is indeed when the internal and external environment is favorable, a strong connection between love life behavior and acquisition of psychic abilities. Love then feels like a form of energy, which is drawn and accumulates in the body and feeds the preternatural dimension of being.

On the other hand, the observation of extrasensory phenomena shows that they are closely connected with the spiritual dimension of existence. Divination, precognition, telepathy, clairvoyance are ways to transcend matter and access that the philosophies of antiquity called the Essences.

So love finally appears as a path to truth, it is not an imbroglio of certainties, but first and foremost, a state of being, of expansion through permanent questioning, tagging our spiritual journey.

Thanks to thoughts and feelings find once again the spiritual function function they lost under the aegis of the Enlightenment, only through and thanks to paranormal messages that thought and feeling found spiritual function they lost under the aegis of the Enlightenment, following a sort of triple short-circuit between the materialist philosophers’ rationalist claims, the alienation of metapsychic by the hands of religions, and the greed of power and knowledge specific to the protagonists’ ego.

The messages transmitted by the visions, prophetic dreams or divination prints, reveal to us the spiritual meaning of material events (physical or psychological), out of reach of mundane thoughts and feelings, deprived of this transcendent lightening.