Culture and occultation

Culture’s mission is to open our eyes to others and to the world, while providing us the acquisitions of previous generations. It differentiates us from animals, prompting us to ask questions and seek explanations to the mysteries that surround us. It imposes a certain respect for tradition, knowledge, beliefs, and morals.

Culture reflects the operation of the psyche. A nation where drugs would rule would develop a different culture reflecting a poor grasp of reality. Another imbued with a particular form of religion will express his beliefs in his art, architecture, philosophy, legislation.

When contradictions appear between culture and reality, two reactions are possible: either challenge the paradigm that was previously installed or hide the inconvenient facts.

This is what happened around the paranormal. Following the failure of psychic abilities, ambivalence has taken root in our culture: one religion monopolized rare events, presented as miracles in order to galvanize the faith of believers; secondly, while the reductionist paradigm tried to evacuate inconvenient facts by denying emphatically.

Thus was established in Western culture a global occultation of paranormal phenomena: both under the influence of scientists and religious, the firsts because they can not admit the reality of facts they can not comprehend, and the seconds, anxious to preserve the monopoly of miracles reserved to Christ and his saints.

Condone what bothers is a natural reaction. Ostriches have long put their head in the sand be there a danger. Refuse to see or know is a way to ward off a distressing situation by avoiding unnecessary energy losses. It nevertheless undermines the search for causes of this situation.

If one wants to explain a phenomenon remained unexplained, and objectively explore the mysteries, you must first open your eyes to what you don’t understand yet, and remove thought patterns that have settled in the mind. Then comes the ability to gain insight of the unknown, and of the causes of the past occultation.

This is the bet that total psychology attempts to win. Its main assets, are the rediscovering the links between diet, Eros, extrasensory and spiritual. She succeeds in laying the concrete foundations of a culture based on respect for the human being natural potential and, more generally, for the laws of a universe free from amputation of its most important part, its transcendent dimension.