A new trust in life

A new form of trust in life

It is probably difficult to accept for those who have never experienced paranormal phenomena, an essential part of human potential is silenced by the effect of our culture and our education. Preference is generally to deny these phenomena, or minimize by stowing them in the oddities of existence, at worst in the trash bin of quackeries, at best, by imputing them to exceptional cases of mediumship.

The experience of the Evolutionary Ecopsychology nevertheless shows that ESP is part of the natural functioning of the human psyche. It is in this dimension that we draw the insights to manage our life and in it too that is played, the meaning of existence. One understands better than its blocking or underdevelopment produces unconscious anxiety and deter deeply our natural trust in life.

Rediscovering extrasensory at least in part, or simply know that it should be accessible and understand the origins of its putting to sleep, lets us see things wholly differently. The solidarity that arises spontaneously among those who were able to reconnect and those who still need their help immediately opens new perspectives, revealing the precise causes of our difficulties and assisting analysis where it reveals powerless.

In fact, there is a synergy between psychological or psychoanalytical work and extrasensory messages. We can then more easily overcome our existential problems and decipher with dure lucidity the fate that vests us. Thus is reborn that deep trust that should be natural…