Explanation keys

To overcome a situation of suffering, or resolve a conflict, we must first understand its causes. But these causes are not always what we think.

People tend to stop at the apparent explications, or those socially recognized, or explained with the help of the dominant theories. But neither the appearance nor the general beliefs or current theories do not guarantee us the true explanation. This for many reasons.

The apparent causes are not necessarily true, they cover mostly ignorance of the moment. better one fault stops what meets the eye or that has been said, as when the demon accused of spreading the plague. Beliefs prevailing in a society often cover the mistakes of ambient value system; they are usually there to hide gaps, dodge awkward questions, reassure us but without challenging prejudices and stereotypes commonly accepted.

As for the more scientific theories about the human being, his biological and psychological balance, his pleasures and sufferings, they are necessarily fragmentary, for the simple reason that our rational culture systematically obscures the metapsychic dimension.

Evolutionary Ecopsychology, bringing together the scientific approach and parapsychological realities, is instead able to provide answers and solutions arising from both logical considerations drawn from the knowledge gained, but parallel to the extraordinary treasure of truth that conceals the transcendent dimension.

Rational explanations are seen as guide, confirmed or disallowed by the messages received through the various channels of extrasensory perception.