Many are the men and women today, who live for their careers. The idea to achieve “something” is inoculated through education throughout childhood and adolescence. It is for this reason that most students take their courses and try to spend their year and that the adult chooses his business.

A successful career is a guarantee of social recognition, freedom of choice, power over others, affluence, even love. It is easier to seduce a woman when you have a nice car and a big bank account. At least that is the general belief.

But this path is it really a guarantee of happiness and personal fulfillment? Most often, parents sacrifice on behalf of their “success” the love they have for their children or the love they have for each others. Professional worries and overwork were quick to take precedence over the best intentions.

There is an internal contradiction: love and transcendent energies should nurture creativity likely to ensure professional success, but the worries engendered by the will to succeed poison the relationship, the source of this energy. Finally, creativity is less well fed and gives way to voluntarism, bitterness, reproach and even suicidal tendencies. The solution lies in the natural functioning of the psyche and metapsychism: besides overcoming the trauma, childhood frustrations and sufferings, access to transcendent energies guarantees love and family harmony, creativity, tolerance, and promoting other human qualities professional success.

We must learn to invest more in self-centered work, respect for love, in openness to others, in selflessness, and more than anything in respect of the subtle energies meant to power creativity and perseverance, rather than in an egotic careerism source of disappointments and discouragements. Extrasensory messages fortunately know to indicate the right path and remember to call us to order were we to stray away from it…