Who does not long for happiness? Yet who can boast of having permanent access?

The feeling of happiness is a mental function among others. This is probably because this feeling is so rare that we enter such an almost obsessive quest.

The experience of access to the transcendent dimension shows that this feeling should be almost permanent, and that loses only makes mistakes when compared to natural laws (that as long as we live in bearable conditions).

The fact of feeling unhappy, empty, depressed so would result primarily from our state of metapsychic deficiency. The feelings of frustration or suffering would have the function to indicate a hazard, which is perhaps the worst danger: to waste our existence without its spiritual vocation having been properly fulfilled.

Physiologically, wellness and pain have exactly the same mission: pain always indicates a deterioration in the body, which could jeopardize its operation and its longevity. It is essential to respect these indications and to know that every pain has a cause, and this cause can be difficult to discover, can hide where you do not think to look. The return of well-being shows us that we have excluded or compensated, and that our existence has returned to normal.

One has to properly not confuse these natural pain and well-being signaletics with the sensations artificially created: the example of morphine absorption which can alleviate pain and induce euphoria. Such devices have the disadvantage of masking the danger to the body and are counter-productive, unless the circumstances are truly irreversible.

The same problem occurs when coping with feelings of happiness and mental suffering: it is possible to palliate the suffering by using a mental artifice (research distractions, evoking pleasant memories, gastronomic stimuli …) or neurophysiological ( excessive sports, excitants, euphorizants…). The result is usually the occultation of the real causes of suffering, free to continue to plague the psyche until the final outbreak.

The advantage of Evolutionary Ecopsychology is to provide much more quickly and reliably access the real causes of suffering situation. The situation analysis is facilitated by the use of combined knowledge of the various schools of psychology and psychoanalysis, assisted by extrasensory guidance, the only way to avoid analytical approaches’ guesswork and errors.

It is possible to quickly correct behaviors and attitudes, find inner harmony, mind-body balance and access to subtle energies belonging to the metapsychics.

In summary, we can consider deep happiness as the indicator of the natural state of the mind: it demonstrates respect of the natural laws and access to the true source of oru spiritual evolution. This is indeed the presence of psychic energy that generates the feeling of lasting and unalterable plenitude, which is maintained as long as we move towards our destiny.