A pioneer approach

Evolutionary Ecopsychology is indeed a pioneering approach: it develops a whole set of notions that lie beyond current science and Western culture.

Its purpose is not, like conventional psychological approachs, to observe the behavior of the human being, to draw general laws, and try to solve individual problems by bringing the individual to the norm.

It is primarily a tool for exploring and questioning. Facing each individual or collective problem, it questions not only about how people behave in relation to the norm, but primarily on the merits of this standard: what are the unnatural stresses exerted by the system ambient values that such personal difficulties could reveal? To the question of why a person she departs from the behaviour deemed normal, it immediately adds the corollary question: is this normal alleged conduct consistent with human nature and its genetic potentialities?

Faced with an aggressive tendency, for example, it will not only look for the causes of the disorder in the vagaries of one’s individual past, but to what extent beliefs and constraints common to society as a whole could favor its appearance, and especially what are the reasons for or the root causes of these beliefs and constraints.

Faced with the general lack of psychic abilities in our society, causing significant frustration and anguish, questioning won’t bother to only focus only individuals’ life or childhood conditions but will seek an understanding of the cultural factors that could have degrade the innate potential mediumship in everychild to this point, and in particular of the biological, neurological of historical etiology of these factors.

This approach leads to a fundamental and in principle, comprehensive questioning of the value system, along with the analysis of personal difficulties. It allows to trace the root causes of existential problems, while defining what should be a value system consistent with human nature’s primary data.

Such research has hitherto never been undertaken. It lets us blow the cultural shackles in which the existential difficulties arise and break the vicious circle in which the duo religion / materialism holds the world prisoner. One can rightly speak of pioneering approach…