A dimension that doesn’t abide by the same rules than our ordinary mental space

The basic mechanisms of our intellectual and emotional functioning are part of space-time. Faced with any new perception, we first react emotionally, and that emotion (sometimes tenuous) drives us to seek the causes of phenomena. Causes are within the time in that they precede their effects by definition: this phenomenon took place because such prior causes triggered. They are also part of the space: the cause must act directly on the system has adjusted via a material continuity. Remote actions are explained by electromagnetic and gravitational fields, but these fields are spread from place to place that also obeys the laws of space-time.

Space-time is the place of matter. We can emulate the operation of the intellect with computers. It is even possible to program emotions and external events in a robot. This shows that our mental functions are part of the material world. However, that fact does not exclude other aspects of consciousness, including the existence of a super-conscience who transgress space-time.

It seems that this is indeed the case: paranormal phenomena demonstrate the existence of a dimension that allows largely independent information transmission time and space. Telepathic, premonitory dreams announcing unpredictable events, visions giving access to remote environments, cross-cultural symbolism: all these elements prove that messages go through channels that do not follow the ordinary rules of physics, nor necessarily the simple logic rules through our intellect.

The question that arises is the following: can we interpret in terms of cause and effect the messages received by extrasensory way? For example, if a vision is meant to show a future event, does it imply this event will necessarily occur? Or take steps to avoid it? The answer is not simple: it depends on the messages, the circumstances of those involved, the capacity of the medium.

In many cases, the messages arrive in symbolic form. We must begin by knowing how to read the symbols, which are the words of an unknown language. Even when vision has scheduled a situation that checks specifically, it is the existential significance of this situation which is the main content of the message.

Knowing for example that a person died at such time and in such circumstances is not in itself very important. But the vision that we announced death always carries a much deeper meaning in relation to how this person led his destiny and how we shall conduct our own.

The fact that the phenomenon transcends the laws of matter (bringing us a message through a channel devoid of material explanation), suggests that it is related to the transcendent dimension of our existence. It tends for example to make us aware of some life mistakes that caused the premature death of this friend. It is then up to us to decipher the message and to correct some bad habits, so as not to suffer the same fate and continue our spiritual evolution during a normal lifespan.

The fact that such a vision is true is also aware of the existence of supramaterial dimension. It can change deeply the vision’s receiver’s destiny.. It forces him to revise the classic image he has of the cosmos, of life, of death, to integrate this transcendent reality. The fear of death in particular may be overcome, since there’s is no more doubt that something exist beyond the material world and laws. At the same time, he feels less dependent on money worries, more flexible of mind to enjoy chance meetings and opportunities, more tolerant of others, more open to a spiritual life …

We see in a case like this, the cause and effect simply “the death of the friend caused my vision, so I have dual-view” is only a small part of reality, that which belongs to the ego. On the contrary, all the work of inner transformation performed around the message, based on own subtle analogies to the world of symbols and with the necessary opening of consciousness, which will remove the quintessence: restore access to Superconsciousness. Besides the effect of the transcendent energy that always carry the archetypes, one capable of transforming the psyche in depth …