A different model of Man

To learn from an early childhood that the transcendent dimension is a reality, accessible through faculties that everyone can own, changes the picture of the world. This is not to return to animistic societies in which these faculties were already extremely low in relation to their natural score. This is to ask how they could be deemed the normal state if each possessed natural mediumship abilities, in fact: if each was his own medium or his own priest, and regarded it simply as a normal state.

Such abilities known since childhood have a major influence on psychic structuring. Even more so since they are closely linked with the magical world so specific to children, and early emotional and sensual experience . The child feels an extremely strong attachment to his parents, especially his mother, attachment which leads him to identify himself with the adult model. If the parents are themselves connected to the extrasensory, the child takes the way they function as the normality standard.

In our reductionist culture, the child identifies contrary to a functioning devoid of this subtle component. His parents contrive to make him see “reality” face to face, to make him “keep feet on the ground” without suspecting that he gives in to a model a reality truncated of the essential. Every time he tries to act on behalf of a more subtle perception, he still has at least in an embryonic state in the early years, he feels awkward, is reprimanded by his parents, or mocked by his comrades that already gave in to “normality”. These are the most valuable antennas, those that could put him in connection with archetypal values, which are permanently buried.

Similarly, whatever is said or given about the model of sexuality, lacks this magical connection. The child intuitively feels shocked or traumatized by this degraded vision that is imposed. But with no other reference, he ends up accepting behavior patterns which contradict its aspirations.

Each adult in the current context, suffers from this inner conflict. We can try to free ourselves by escaping into novels or fairy tales, in the fantasy of a happy married life, in religious beliefs, in work … But everyone feels deep inside himself a malaise, the presence of a deficiency and all the contradictions that ensue. This leads us to the mysteries of the famous “Civilization and Its Discontents” dear to Freud …

It is hard to imagine what would happen in the natural context. The child would retain and consolidate its deep ties with the magical, his first intuitions materializing immediately in the form of psychic abilities constantly available. He would learn to ask advises this dimension before every decision or every difficult moment. He would not dependent on anyone, but find its own autonomy in obedience to superior forces.

His ego would develop in a perfectly harmonious way, in an attitude of openness to others, who would obey the same criteria of truth. He would be prepared to experience love in a form that would provide no suffering that we know in our moral context. There would be no question of trauma or neurosis, but expansion of consciousness and bliss …

This is actually what has been observed. The consequences of such a change in the social scale would be immeasurable. Knowledge allows us to better understand the ins and outs of our current situation, and restore in us the natural values. That can not be treated exhaustively in a few lines, so the subject is analyzed in depth in one of the training course’s chapters.