To develop your own extrasensory abilities

In this area, nothing is preordained. We can rely on the impressions one has of oneself or others. One can not “want” to become clairvoyant. There is no point to predict what kind of abilities will develop in one or in the other.

On the contrary, in an state of openeness toward the unknown, acceptance of what one is, abandonment of pride, desire for power, complex of inferiority or superiority, and all that weaves our Ego and locks us into the illusion that we can really move forward. As if the ego was the number one enemy of the psychic.

You should know that psychic abilities are simply part of normal operation, and not to despair of not being able to recover immediately normality. To try and go through the will to develop them would feed the Ego. Irritation to not have them already comforts it also. One should rather nurture some kind of indifference without resignation, tolerance without kindness, willingness without investment, obedience without servility, abandonment without abdication. What some esoteric teachings call the “letting go”.

Yet shall we also let go the idea to become perfect, to find favor in the eyes of God or in the eyes of men. It would once again to give as food to the Ego and its many avatars. Let even let go the idea of letting go.

A word could describe this attitude, or rather this state: the verb “BE” … But beware: be, not “for” , but Be … “because” … Because it is nature that wants it, and when expressed without distortion.

And the rest will be given over hand, out of desire and suffering …