To define the natural laws

How can we define natural laws when it comes to such complex and diverse process that human behavior?
For a behaviour to be regarded as belonging to human nature, several criteria must be met:

1. No recourse to any artifice events must occur in natural conditions, without the need to use expedients as stimulants, sedatives, hallucinogens, induced trance states, etc.

2. The same line of conduct must be observed in all individuals.

3. Behavioral lines should be independent of culture and color issues.

4. Achieving a natural behavior should cause a feeling of lasting satisfaction without negative repercussions or internal or interpersonal conflicts.

5. All the tensions that can occur should be explained by cultural conditioning, induced guilt feelings, Oedipal issues or other extrinsic factors superimposed onto the basic behavior.

6. It must be observed similar behavior in related species, the more similar these species are genetically closer to humans (for example bonobos regards to sexual polymorphism).

7. Ntural behaviors must have utility in terms of survival of the individual or species, under the laws of evolution.
These issues will be discussed in detail in the training. They are essential if we are to understand the reasons of hazards of all kinds that penalize individual destinies in a society that has strayed away from the natural values as much as our own. This is an extremely complex problem that analysis alone would not solve.

A first grid of deciphering based like this one on the data of biology and genetics, however, opens the reflection on counter-natural aspects of patterns of behavior the dominant culture presents as normal. Sufficient perspective is indeed needed to identify and assimilate the rules of conduct for love-lives to reach their natural goal: the development of psychic faculties.