What are we capable of ?

We are all able to do much better and more than we think. The point if to have the means to do so.

First condition: to find in ourselves the energy source able to feed our life force, creativity, intuition and steadfastness.  Yoga, martial arts, sophrology, devotions, psychoanalysis (in particular of the Jungian kind) are all means apt to help us reconnect with ourselves.

Unfortunately these practices lack the explanatory keys necessary to undercover the primary causes of our difficulties. As long as the relationship between Eros and metapsychic development isn’t incorporated, the best method can’t operate but superficially. Knowing metapsychic energy is the wellspring from which should draw our creativity and joy for life, expedients or comfort treatments alone remain available.

The same ignorance has as consequence, the rarity of medium and the impossibility to receive while working, enough extrasensory messages. There is more of a gap between the few visions and their natural frequency, than between a cheetah and a snail. Samwise, Jung could only access as observational materials some poor visions reported by his parents. Hard to make up an overview in these conditions.

Evolutionary Ecopsychology reinstates the natural situation. Permanent disponibility of extrasensory messages, joined to  psychology’s and psychoanalysis’s united  and actualised contributions, enable you to work out much faster and track down causal chains up to the very roots of complexes and inhibitions. Our hidden abilities, released from their shackles that forbade them to hatch, and drawing from then on in, in the energy they need to grow, can now bloom and fructify.

We can then have the luxury to admire the marvellous gifts nature bestowed on us the moment of our birth, while reducing to their proper dimension, or their inanity, the inner blockades that were impeding our full realisation.