The analytic vs metapsychic approach

Let’s rather wonder, why these two domains, seem to exclude one another: the intellectual analysis, operated by psychologists or psychanalysts, and the divinatory, or metapsychic approach.

Things would wholly differently, had we developed them altogether during childhood, learning in the process to marry a rigour of thoughts along with the mind’s openness toward the transcendent. Our kind of culture unfortunately, exacerbates the cleavage between both sides of human soul.

The loss of the extrasensory, that can be traced back to centuries, or even millennia ( for as long as exist chamans and prophets, whose mission is supposedly to get back the lost communication ), induces an unconscious anxiety. Man feels lost in a seemingly meaningless world, they can’t know anymore what his own existence is meant for, nor how to base one’s own decisions upon. Death seems to him an absolute end, from there comes an existential anguish that undermine every act of his, and every emotions.

Our culture reacts with opposing a categorial denial of this loss, or worse, with denying the very existence of any super material reality. There are some pitiful remains in religions or superstitions, thoroughly useless because ignorant of any practical mean to restore the natural access to the lost dimension.

We catch up somehow, by overinvesting in the rational part of reality, blind to the truth that this shall only by an attempt at explanation and overcoming of this situation of spiritual deficiency.

The simple fact to gain a natural access to extrasensory perception, as Evolutionary Ecopsycology allows us, makes that painful feeling of lacking something essential, disappears, and at the same time is removed the cleavage separating the rational and the transcendent. This dichotomy has simply no reason to exist, and so we get used little by little to how these two aspects, far from opposite, complement well one each other’s lack.

It appears from then on in, that the consciousness might be the one thing making the primitive unity of cosmos, at the border of the physical and spiritual dimension, of causal space-time and an imaginary yet not illusory, space of archetypes.

The spontaneous metamorphosis allows at the same time development of creativity, creativity, open-mindedness, patience and other qualities on which rely personal efficiency both on the practical and the spiritual plane.

Capacities to act, judge and decide accordingly are nourished by the same subtle energies than intuition and ESP, which are both their vivid source and their extralucid moderator.