The laws of evolution, old and half a century, have amply be verified since their first formulation by Darwin, but there are still mysteries and quarrels about changes. The naive belief in 50s’ simplistic genetics is itself questioned: the idea that a protein that controls a gene programs a function has been replaced by a vision much more complex that further complicate, present time’s epigenetics and quantum theory. The only safe conclusion to be drawn from this scientific approach is that the mystery of life and its origin is still far from being clarified.

Evolutionary Ecopsychology seems to bring a final solution to the dilemma: the natural path to psychic abilities and a potential widespread awareness of the existence of a transcendent dimension. If the perception of this dimension becomes a common, creationists’ and anti-creationists’ values are being reconciled automatically. The first find their account to the extent that this dimension is precisely the place of divinity. The latter also saw that this dimension is objectified through extrasensory perception. The only epistemological effort that is still required is the abandonment of anthropomorphic point of view (the bearded Creator), and the overcoming of the simplistic reductionism, which is also anthropomorphic in that it pretends that nothing exists that is not accessible to ordinary men.

The question then is how the information content of the transcendent dimension, for example the archetypal energies may influence molecular bonds. One could imagine that the laws of chance, governing collisions between atoms are statistically inflected by transcendent origin of forces. If these subtle energies can influence neuronal activations – as manifestly being molecular gas – as seems to be the case in the visual perception of an archetype, there is nothing to rule out that they may also induce statistically molecular formations such as DNA bases. This is even more evident if one accepts the reality of psychokinetic phenomena.

These molecular processes are at the smallest scale, governed by the laws of uncertainty of quantum theory, so we can never have the end word of the story. Proving the existence of life on other planets, would have the advantage of showing that Earth is no exception, and that if creation there is, it is a phenomenon most likely related to the properties of universe (which is not that matter).

To get everyone’s agreement: if Father God really created the universe, he certainly created matter and its properties so that it can produce life. It is also he who has created the laws of chance, base of the mutations dear that other bearded man named Darwin, mutations which made possible developments. And there is no need to reduce the billions of years that it lasted, if one believes the fossil, to the seven days of Genesis: God is eternity, so that, for him, it can not mathematically be a difference between one day and one billion years …