Primary causes

When it comes to explain the unfortunate events or existential problems, we easily tend to stop the first causes coming to mind. As cognitive psychologists say: that is a matter of “cognitive cost.” The mind tends to apply the law of least effort, and be content with explanations found quickly, even if they are unfounded or contrary to logic.

This phenomenon certainly exists, but it does not explain everything. If we stop to incomplete or superficial explanations, it is usually because we do not have the decryption grid needed to provide insights of the deeper reality. We are restricted by the reductionist model that pervades our culture, and manage very difficult to perceive the deeper meaning of events and difficult situations.

Example in matters of love: if this person left me, it is because it is not stable, because that other has done to her, because I was not able to give him what it was waiting on a sexual level, because of its unstable and impressionable character, etc. Missing from these conventional explanations, is a whole realm of reasoning that would take account of the transcendent function of love. The relationship may be interrupted because the subtle energy, perceived as love magic, has run dry. The relationship has since fallen into habits, the repetitiveness, mindless lust. The unconscious has expressed his disapproval in the form of rejection or escape, or by prompting a motion toward a third person.

It is found in a case like this that just knowing that love and sexuality are inherently a function related to extrasensory allows reasoning quite differently. It is the same for all situations that may be encountered. Ignorance of the existence and importance of the supramaterial dimension prevents us to go back to the early roots malaise, conflicts, destructive forces that too often marks our destiny seal of suffering.

It is easier to understand why a man lost his way if we know that he was blind. Now, our culture and education make us in most cases congenitally blind people, deprived of the natural second sight and, moreover, of any cultural reference to hint at the truths to be found. We obviously impossible in these conditions can’t see problems in their entirety. Remains most of the time, accessible to the mind, a superficial understanding.

The extrasensory messages are essential to penetrate reality further. Yet must we still be able to extract the real meaning and not to crush the archetypal symbolism while reducing it to materialistic or falsely spiritualist explanations…